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2002  Ivan Castaneda Essay for the Prichard Art Gallery

Ivan Castaneda holds a Ph.D in art history from the University of Virginia and is currently living in Washington D.C. , where he heads the think tank  im-possible.  

1997  Douglas Davis Essay for the Nordic Museum

Douglas Davis (1933-2014) was a writer and artist that lived in New York. He wrote about art, photography and architecture for Newsweek and the New York Times for 32 years. He published books on art theory and architecture and wrote extensively for Art in America and Art Forum.



2011  Deb Quantock McCarey "RF Artist co-chairs UNICEF's upcoming gala benefit" Wednesday Journal. January, 2011

2009  Stephanie Fosnight "Box of photos inspires 'Women In Love'" Chicago Sun-Times. July,2009

2007  Laura Forbes "Artists follow the tides to a Cooper Landing gallery" Kenai Peninsula Clarion August, 2007

2003  Photo by John Kezdy, article by Rose Lizarraga. "Like Water For Art." Chicago Social Magazine. March, 2003

2002  Rebecca Harris. "UI Graduate Brings Homegrown Flavor To Prichard Art Gallery." The Argonaut October, 2002

2002  Julianne Crane. "Myntti Doesn't Skimp On Color." The Spokesman-Review October, 2002

2002  Shawn O'Neal. "Life In Art." Moscow-Pullman Daily News 2002

2000  Illustrator for Rita J. Beron "The Monet Deception" 1rst Books Library

2000  Dan Bischoff. "Laura Myntti: New Etchings." The Star Ledger (Newark). May 5

2000  Ralph Bellantoni. "Artist's Passion For Life Reflected in Her Work." The Courier News. (New Jersey). April 27

2000  Lucia Mauro. "Aircraft Fascination Lands In Art." Pioneer Press (All Western Suburban Circulation). February 16, Page 2

2000  Darryl Cater. "Artist Myntti Puts War Machine in Living Room." The Wednesday Journal. February 23

1999  Alice Whitaker. "Laura Myntti Takes A Detour." Ketchikan Daily News March 5

1998  "Artist's New Series Marries Bold Colors to Bolder Techniques." Anchorage DailyNews. March 13

1998  Andy Nau. "Alaska Pacific Shows Take Clearly Divergent Paths." Anchorage Daily News. March 15

1997  Lianne Williamson. "Artist Explores Female Existentialism." Anchorage Daily News. June 29

1997  Catalogue. Douglas Davis. "Laura Myntti, Trampling on Prudence." Seattle, Washington, Nordic Heritage Museum

1996  Ruth Weleczki. "New Art" Twin Cities Reader. Minneapolis, Minnesota. January 24-30

1996  Anne Sharp. "Artist's Stories." Anchorage Press. February 1-7

1995  Eric Swenson. "Brushes With Flame." Anchorage Daily News. October 13

1995  Eric Swenson. "Laura Myntti at Gallery 154." Reflex. November.

1995  Mike Dunham. "Art Beat." Anchorage Daily News. December 29

1994  Jan Ingram. "A Playfully Feminist Exhibition From Painter Laura Myntti." Anchorage Daily News. January 30

1990  "Crucial Viewing." Soho Runner. London, England. July 3

1988  Palouse Journal (Cover Image). Issue No.34. Summer 

1988  Palouse Journal (Cover Image). Issue No.34. Summer 1988

1988  "Rico Gets Mad." Alaska Airlines Magazine. August

1988  Jan Ingram. "Vibrant Works Bring Arts Center To Life." Anchorage Daily News. July 24

1988  Karen Stahlecker. "Commitment To Vision Marks Solo Shows." Anchorage Times. July 17

1988  Catalogue. XXII All Alaska Juried Art Exhibition. Anchorage, Alaska: Anchorage Museum of History and Art.

1988  Jan Ingram. "The Critical Eye." Anchorage Daily News. February 21

1988  Jan Ingram. "Needy Art Center's Exhibit Rich in Talent.

1988  Jan Ingram. "Needy Art Center's Exhibit Rich in Talent." Anchorage Daily News. January 24

1987  Jan Ingram. "Powerful Memories Turned Into Images." Anchorage Daily News.